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With the arrival of Thanksgiving signifying the end of the Fall season, we are happy to report that our Fall projections were again right on target. The biggest surprise of the Fall, however, was the emergence and success of our new Tritan Tumbler line, coming in at a whopping 60% over projection! A large majority of our schools tagged Tumblers with their Cookie Dough or Favorites program and saw it pull on average 30-35% of the sale. The lifetime guarantee and curb appeal of this product made for a instant winner, and cemented its' place in our lineup for years to come.

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Fall Kickoff Season

Our Fall Kickoff Season is now upon us! Materials have been printed, collated and delivered, and the anticipation is building for our initial early sales to begin. The company-wide product mix is surprisingly strong in favor of our edible programs, as well as our new Tritan Tumblers. These two groups make up over 75% of the Fall bookings to date!

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AFRDS Statement on new Federal Nutrition Regulations

AFRDS Statement.pdf

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Annual Sales Conference

Our annual Sales Meeting at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City, TN has now concluded and our team is ready to hit the pavement with our new lines for Fall. Our brand new Tritan Tumbler program is poised to be a tremendous boost to existing customers as well as new ones. These quality Tumblers carry a Lifetime Guarantee, something fundraising companies have likely never had in their existence! Our new Cookie Dough and Smoky Mountain Favorites lines, along with the new hard goods catalogues all look to be as strong as they have in recent memory.

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