Prize Programs

Old School House

The original Mega Party™ was created and trademarked in 1996 by Jim Pollock & Mountain Empire Promotions specifically for the elementary and middle school market. Originally designed as an alternative prize program, we now partner with The Fun Factory to provide over 50 inflatable rides & games for our schools. In addition, we also provide DJs, Music/PA, Snow Cones, Games & Contests, Money Machine & Money Wheel!

The Mega Party Poster

M.E.P.’s exclusive agreement with The Fun Factory provides for up to (8) inflatables at each Mega Party. With over 50 rides to choose from, our Parties are definitely second-to-none in the industry. Prize Posters are provided for each classroom and various locations throughout the school to motivate students to participate. They depict some of the more popular rides along with our Money Machine & Money Wheel. Schools can currently select from one of The Fun Factory’s (4) Shows, each containing (9) inflatables.

Mega Party Poster

Mega Party Shows

The Fun Factory currently operates (4) four Mega Parties Shows, using 3-man crews, with one crew leader/host on each show. There are (9) nine inflatables on each Show, and our schools are able to select up to (8) inflatables for their Mega Party.

All four Shows are very similar, with the main distinction being the difference in the Giant Slides:

Artic Plunge

Show A
Artic Plunge Slide

Log Jammer

Show B
Log Jammer

Sabre Tooth Tiger

Show C
Sabre Tooth Tiger

King Kong

Show D

Shows A & D will have the Adrenaline Rush Obstacle Course, while Shows B & C will have the Boot Camp Obstacle Course. Both courses present a variety of equal challenges and fun for all ages. The Obstacle Courses and Giant Slides are always two of the most popular attractions at any Mega Party!

Adrenaline Rush

Boot Camp

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A Mountain of Prizes

Mountain Empire Promotions is proud to offer the most exciting prize package in the Fundraising industry. Click on a title or image below to view incentives & prizes included in our Standard Elementary/Middle School Package! Our exclusive “Mountain of Prizes” design features a "SuperHero" theme for 2018/2019, with Fatheads from the Justice League, SuperMan, Batman & Wonder Woman, along with remote control Minions from Despicible ME 3, HoverBoards and Drones with cameras! Also included are prizes from the Emoji Movie, Virtual Reality Headsets, as well as all the latest video consoles and IPHONES! This prize program will surely save the day!

Mega Party Prize Envelope

Mega Prize Envelope Front
Mega Prize Envelope Back

Our new custom trademarked Prize Program for Fall 2018, “Mountain of Prizes,” is generating rave reviews from salespeople to customers to students. This accumulative 14-level prize program for each student (in addition to the Mega Party), will create even more incentive for our students to participate than with a standard Mega Party or stand-alone prize program. Our exclusive “Mountain of Prizes” design boasts some of today's hottest prizes, including Swagway HoverBoards, Drones w/ cameras, remote-control Minions, Fatheads, all the lastest video consoles including Nintendo Switch, as well as the new IPHONE 8!

Non-Mega Prize Envelope

Non-Mega Prize Envelope Front
Non-Mega Prize Envelope Back

For schools and groups not utilizing our Mega Party that still want to take advantage of our Prize Envelope, we have developed a “Non-Mega” version. By simply replacing the Money Machine, Money Wheel and Mega Party levels with additional prizes, schools can now add additional Grand Prizes, etc. with the monies saved in lieu of the Party, thereby creating a very attractive and effective prize program!

Plush Characters

Plush CharactersOur daily drawings consist of (10) licensed plush characters, (5) three-foot plush and (5) one-foot plush. These drawings are designed to keep the momentum going throughout your 2-week sale. We’ve seen great response to our current movie & video game characters including Mario & Luigi, Pokemon & Minions, plus Sesame Street legends like Cookie Monster & Elmo!

Hummer Limousine

Hummer LimousineLimousine Lunches and Victory Trips are a wonderful incentive for Elementary and Middle School students. If you have a particular type of Limousine in your area (i.e. Hummer, Navigator, special SUV, etc.) that you would like to use, we will be glad to provide it for your school. The more specific you are, the better results you will have from the students.

Alternative Prize Programs

Expect to Win

Expect to Win FrontExpect to Win Back

Expect to win all of these cool prizes! Accumulative! Win 11 prizes in All!

Way to Glow

Way to Glow FrontWay to Glow Back

Eleven accumulative Glow-in-the-Dark Prizes for you to earn!

Go for the Glow

Go for the Glow FrontGo for the Glow Back

12-Level Glow in the dark or light-up Accumulative Prize Program.

Galaxy of Prizes

Galaxy of Prizes FrontGalaxy of Prizes Back

Over 40 cool awards to choose from in this 12-Level Pick-A-Prize Program. The more you sell, the better the prize.

Extreme Prizes

Go for the Glow FrontGo for the Glow Back

Extremely Cool Accumulative Prize Program - 12 Levels to earn!

Locker Full of Prizes

Locker Full of Prizes FrontLocker Full of Prizes Back

Over 40 cool awards to choose from in this 12-Level Pick-A-Prize Program. The more you sell, the better the prize.